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La Casita Amarilla

Through powerful symbols and cohesive storytelling, Maldonado explores their Mexican cultural heritage and the impact of intersecting identity as a non-binary queer individual, shedding light on the effects of societal norms and inspiring viewers to embrace their true selves.


Small Works 2

The works are small, but this exhibit was big! Featuring over 100 11"x14" works by 92 emerging artists, this dimension-themed exhibit showcased some real gems.


Summer Intermission

“Summer Intermission” is curated to play into a “summertime vibe,” celebrating the small relatable moments of freedom, joy, humor, and comfort that are nostalgic and representative of summertime.


A Ripple in the Garden

A trio exhibition featuring the works of Joanna Poag, Mariana Varela, and Serena Viola Corson - delightful disruptions introduce the beauty of imperfection amidst the idea of a perfectly curated garden.

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The Cake Show

15 artists and their various interpretations (literal and conceptual) of the theme, cake!