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Soft Times Gallery presents the stunning world of "A Ripple in the Garden," a three-artist exhibition featuring the works of Joanna Poag, Mariana Varela, and Serena Viola Corson - vibrant blue and yellow colors and delightful disruptions introduce the beauty of imperfection amidst the idea of a perfectly curated garden, infusing the space with awe-inspiring surprise and novelty.

Within this exhibit, Serena Viola Corson's paintings portray relatable moments that reveal the raw, unvarnished beauty of our collective imperfections, illuminating the humanity of our shared emotional landscape. Corson's poignant depictions range from mischievous gossips to tearful, rain-soaked reflections, offering a piercing glimpse into the human experience. 

Mariana Varela's ceramic creatures, from spider-people that exude a charming strangeness, to a sphinx-woman of enigma, entice viewers to abandon conventional notions of reality and indulge into boundless imagination. Each piece is hand-painted after firing, blending perfectly within the blue and yellow world that the artists have constructed. 

Joanna Poag's wall sculptures introduce a strikingly unorthodox, abstract, and geometric element to the exhibition. Embodying symbols and callouts of disruption, surprise, and delight, the wall sculptures within the exhibit dare the viewer to take a moment to embrace the beauty of spontaneity of “A Ripple in the Garden.”

"A Ripple in the Garden," a trio exhibition by Joanna Poag, Mariana Varela, and Serena Viola Corson

Opening reception: Thursday, May 4th, 2023, 6-9PM 

Viewing hours: Wednesday-Saturdays 12-5PM (on view through June 17th, 2023)


Soft Times Gallery 

905 Sutter Street

San Francisco, CA 94121



Soft Times' 2nd annual Small Works exhibition opens in July 2023! The works are small, but the exhibition is big! Dozens of 11x14" works will be wrapped around the gallery space for this dimension-themed show.​

Soft Times is also pleased to announce that Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa will be a guest juror for Small Works 2. This will be the first juried exhibition at Soft Times. For more information about Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa, click here


Uma Tufekcic_Sve oko mene gori _Final.jpeg

The Cake


15 artists and their various interpretations (literal and conceptual) of the theme, cake!


In the Interest of Time

The solo exhibition resulting from Anthony Torrano's studio residency at Soft Times Gallery - shaped canvases and collage vignettes.

Alaina _ Why Dont you (1).jpeg



53 artists, a completely red

gallery, an unforgettable


Canrtarito  copy 2.jpg

Remedy in Rituals

The duo exhibition by Joshua Oceguera and Haley Summerfield, featuring an exploration of vessels in ceramic and painting. 


Marmalade Dreams

Dazzling, evocative, and lyrical. Featuring artwork by Kevin Sabo, Sun Park, and Will Hutnick.




Bold, original, one-of-a-kind works by 10 talented artists. This exhibit includes ceramics, fiber arts, and painting.

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