“El Mágico”, a new exhibit from Gabriel Kasor, features new works by this talented local artist based in the Tenderloin, near the gallery.

Kasor’s work draws from renaissance portraiture characteristics, with added layers of a modern color palette, charming still life, and bits of humor here and there. A truly prolific painter, Kasor is a magician of a seemingly effortless, yet truly disciplined art practice, churning out amazing painting after amazing painting.

El Mágico is Kasor’s first solo exhibition in his emerging career, as well as the first solo exhibition presented by Soft Times. This exhibit will also feature limited edition prints signed by the artist.

“El Mágico” by Gabriel Kasor
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 1st, 6-9PM 

Soft Times Gallery

905 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94121

For a catalog of original artworks, click here

Limited editions (prints and shirts) available online here



Soft Times is excited to announce its first ever studio residency, featuring Anthony Torrano as our Artist in Residence for January 2023. A San Francisco native currently based in NY, this residency will be a special homecoming moment for the artist to takeover the Soft Times space at 905 Sutter Street and create new work for the surrounding community to experience. See what the artist has to say about their upcoming body of work:

"I am thinking about these works as not painting and not sculpture but something in between as a way to reconcile my identity and ambiguity in the world as a multi-ethnic person.


I make collages as a form of diary. I like to attach visuals to moments in life as a way of remembering. Collage allows me to make spontaneous compositions, and acts as a way to channel my current surroundings. 


I play off of the collage language in the shaped paintings. So the shaped works become like clippings from a diary, or a paused moment in time. I am influenced by the urban environment. The way signage, and architecture come together to create something chaotic but also beautiful."

Stay tuned for more developments, announcements, and ways to meet the artist and see his works in progress during the residency in January 2023. 


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