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Soft Times Gallery is pleased to present The Big Softie, a group exhibition featuring the works from 70 emerging contemporary artists, and their interpretations of what softness means to them. This is our namesake exhibition!


Softness can convey emotions like comfort, vulnerability, tenderness, and nostalgia, it can manifest in the gentle curves of design, the plushness of textiles, or the warmth of a smile. 

The Big Softie opens at Soft Times Gallery on February 1st, 2024 at 5-9PM. 

Amber Larks
Lifelines, 2023
oil on can
vas, 24”x30”x1.5”


Amber Larkes - Lifelines_edited.jpg


Floating in shadows_detail_edited.jpg


A group exhibition featuring works by 12 contemporary artists, celebrating the transient experiences imparted by abstract artworks.

Crash Landing Hope_edited.jpg

La Casita Amarilla

Through powerful symbols and cohesive storytelling, Maldonado explores their Mexican cultural heritage and the impact of intersecting identity as a non-binary queer individual, shedding light on the effects of societal norms and inspiring viewers to embrace their true selves.

Joshua Oceguera_2_edited.jpg

Small Works 2

The works are small, but this exhibit was big! Featuring over 100 11"x14" works by 92 emerging artists, this dimension-themed exhibit showcased some real gems.

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