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Volume 2. Momentum


This is the second issue of Soft Times Quarterly, printed in color in a softcover, 6"x9" book. 


This issue of Soft Times Quarterly includes interviews, features, and creative segments by Bryant Sina, Julio Rodriguez, Sun Park, Gem Studio, and more. 


Volume 2 is currently available for purchase online. Online orders will ship on Jun 15th, 2022. 


Soft Times Quarterly is a publication cataloging Soft Times exhibitions, showcasing emerging contemporary artists and creatives in Soft Times' network, and celebrating what's to come in Soft Times' orbit. 


To stay up to date with Soft Times and this quarterly publication, you can also subscribe.


Cover art: Samuel Richardson, game iii, 2022, Oil and ink on wood panel, 5"x7"×1.5"

Soft Times Quarterly - Volume 2 (Momentum)

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